You will always get that special someone exactly what they want!

  • Some people aren’t easy to shop for.  You don’t have to get your father a tie every year for Father’s Day, you can get him something he really wants.  I have a brother-in-law who is constantly working on cars.  If it weren’t for his Wish List, I would have absolutely no idea what to buy him. We’ve been using the Wish Lists for a few years now, and he always gets something he actually looks forward to.
    • Why so Fabulous?
      • In the case of my brother-in-law, 90% of the time, I have little to no idea what the thing is that I actually purchase… something to do with fixing cars… if I ever attempted to buy this stuff on my own, it would turn into an epic failure… this way he gets what he wants, the right brand, the right dimensions, the right model… whatever it is, it works.


No More Gift Cards!

  • I hate giving gift cards!  Maybe it’s just me but I think they are so impersonal, and no fun to open.  My favorite part of gift giving, is seeing the reaction when someone opens the gift, and with the Amazon Wish List, you’ll have the right gift every time.


You can leave them up year round!

  • You’ll have the perfect gift for everyone AND for every occasion!
    • We keep our Wish Lists constantly updated, and are continuously adding things when we want something new
      • This means we can use them for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or, whatever else we might need a gift for.


They have a “Don’t spoil my surprises” setting.

  • What’s better than getting someone special EXACTLY what they want? That it’s a surprise of course.  When you have this setting turned on, and you are looking at your Wish List, every item will be there, even if it has been purchased by someone.
    • Why is this so Fabulous?
      • I love surprises, and this way you can see the look on someone’s face, when they get something they’ve been looking forward to, but without knowing their getting it.Don'tSpoilMySurprise
    • Don’t Worry
      • When everyone else is looking at your Wish List, it works like a typical registry, so they won’t be able to see things that have already been purchased, the items only remain on the view of the list holder
      • If you attempt to purchase something off your Wish List, you’ll get a prompt from Amazon asking if you want to know if it was possibly already purchased by someone else, this way you will never buy something that you already have coming to you.


Amazon will remind you if an occasion is coming up!

  • If you have a friend’s wish list saved, you can record their birthday with the list, you can also set it to email you a reminder up to 4 weeks before.  (I keep mine set for 2 weeks… just enough time to get a gift without being late, but not enough time to forget it’s coming up. I have a horrible memory).
    • Why so Fabulous?
      • You’ll never forget to get a gift again!
  • Occassions


Amazon will let you know if something you’re interested in is on sale!

  • I am Amazon obsessed, and use it for almost all of my shopping.  I am a BIG online shopper, and the convenience of Amazon is great.  With the Wish List, if something you have on your list has a great deal, Amazon will email let you know!
    • Why so Fabulous?
      • Because you’re saving money of course!


You can add comments, set quantities, and priority!

  • This is great, especially for clothing!  You can jot down your size or color preferences, or anything else that’s relevant in the notes, and there’s no need for exchanges later.
  • If you’re shopping savvy like my sister-in-law, you can even comment with store alternatives.  If you’ve seen the item you want cheaper somewhere else, add a comment to let your gift buyers know.  You’ll be more likely to get what you’re asking for.


There is a “Save Ideas For Later!” option.

  • Maybe you see someone using or wearing something you’d like, but you don’t know where to buy it.  You can add it to your wish list as an idea, with notes of what you are looking for, or even upload a picture of something you’ve seen.
    • I use this all the time when I find amazing things in stores or on Pinterest.  Some of the gorgeous things I want, are just so exponentially out of my price range, I’d never get them, but… I can’t still add them to my wish list as an idea, and then people can go from there, and find similar looking or styled items that are in the realm of reality.
  • This is also great for things you want that aren’t necessarily specific.  I used this when people were shopping for my son for Christmas.  I was pregnant with Zachary at the time, and Coby got so excited anytime we saw clothes for little bro & big bro.
    • I added that on his list as an idea, and my boys ended up with some great matching outfits.


You can save your friend’s wish lists!

  • We use the Amazon Wish Lists for our extended family too.  I have all the lists saved, my siblings, mom, nieces, cousins, in-laws, etc., so with a simple click, you know exactly what you’re shopping for. This is so convenient!


You won’t forget about YOU!

  • Like most moms, I tend to put everyone else before me, and on top of that, I have a TERRIBLE memory. When it comes time to splurge on myself, half the time I can’t remember what I wanted.
    • Now, when I see something I’d like, I just throw it on the list… then when I feel like splurging, I get something I have been wanting for a while.


I love my Amazon Wish Lists! Give it a try, let me know what you think.