Like most boys, Coby loves Nerf! And, so do his uncles (or should I say, the big kids).

So, we have quite the arsenal, partly due to the Nerf theme party we had for his 7th birthday, (check that out too).

I was storing all the Nerf stuff in a big basket, but that was just a pile of mess, and Coby was having trouble finding the right ammo, and because we kept the basket on a high shelf, he wasn’t really using them as much as he would if they were easily accessible.

So, I decided to make him an arsenal wall.

Step 1: Secure Nerf Guns to the Wall

All it took were Velcro Command Strips, and wall space.

I was able to score a 6-pack of Command Strips on Amazon for a really great price.


The hardest part to the whole project, was finding the best part of the Nerf Gun, to affix to the wall.  You want it to be secure, and not fall down, so it’s best to hold the gun flush with the wall, and find the spot on the Nerf Gun, where the most surface area is actively touching the wall.

Then, attach the command strip to the gun.  Don’t put it somewhere, where it is going to cause problems with the actual function of the gun.  (Like the rotating barrel).  For some of the larger guns, I used two Command Strips, to ensure the gun was secure.

Once you have the strip attached to the gun, press the gun firmly against the wall until you get a good solid hold.  Once done, move onto the next one.

Photo Apr 03, 1 55 19 PM


You can see here some guns hanging on the wall, and a lonely Command Strip, where a gun was sitting before playtime.


Step 2: Add Spice Holders for Sword & Light Saber Storage

I found these great Spice Holders on Amazon, that work great for storage of a number of things (check out the other uses too)!


But for this purpose, I separated the spice holder strips into individual sections, and stuck them to the wall.

This made for great sword and light saber holders!

Photo Apr 03, 1 55 25 PM

Step 3: Add Ammo Storage

Lastly, I needed an easy way to store the ammo.

I picked up some great wire baskets from the Dollar Tree, and hung them on the wall.

This was perfect for all of the various bullets, disks, balls and arrows needed to load the Nerf Guns.

Photo Apr 03, 1 55 31 PM

Now, all the weapons are neatly organized, and easily accessible for playtime!

Photo Apr 03, 1 54 35 PM