Little boys LOVE Superheroes!

As most little boys do, my Coby loves superheroes, so of course, when we got our house, we committed to giving him a superhero room.

Right around that time, my mom scored a sweet racecar bed at a garage sale.

This is the one she got.


While it was great on its own, Coby wanted his superhero room, and this just wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I decided to turn this racecar into a Batmobile!

What little boy wouldn’t love a Batmobile bed?

And, it was super easy.

All I had to do was, remove all the stickers (which was the most time consuming), and then paint the car.
I used Rust-Oleum paint for plastic.


This took a few coats, and some drying time, but was well worth the result.

And that was it!

Simple, easy, and combined with the rest of the room, got the exact result I wanted.

And most importantly, Coby loved it!