It’s important to teach kid’s organization at a young age.  It will make your daily life easier, and their’s easier in the long run.

I wanted to make a dry erase area for Coby, that would serve both as a calendar, and an area for drawing and learning.  My sons share a small room so available wall space is few and far between.

I snagged a very reasonably priced vinyl dry erase peel and stick roll from Amazon.  We live in an apartment so peel and stick is always the way to go where possible.  The great thing about purchasing a roll versus a solid board, is that you can divide it up into as many smaller boards (or various shapes) as desired.  I actually cut the roll into three separate pieces (one to be used in the kitchen – more on that later), and the other two in the boys’ room.

I also opted to put Coby’s boards on the bedroom door.  This allowed me to use unused space, and kept the board within Coby’s reach.


  • I also bought some dry erase tape on Amazon to create the lines on the board.  (Totally optional… I initially drew the lines with dry erase marker and would redraw them each month.  I got a little annoyed with doing that, and of course dry erase lines can smudge.
  • You can also draw the lines with permanent marker, but I’m a little overboard sometimes, so if I drew them with marker and made a mistake, it would’ve irritated me to the point that I needed to buy a new board.  I prefer the clean lines, and the option to remove the lines later if I want to, so the dry erase tape works great for me.

Why I love the Calendar

At 7, kids are just starting to become familiar with the calendar, so having a calendar that’s relevant and accessible to them, helps build their understanding.   Coby’s calendar is also a great reminder for me.

  • Coby is in charge of putting the line through the date at the end of the day, this helps him understand what date/day of the week it is.
  • This is GREAT! This way he knows what day of the week cubby to grab his clothes from (check those out too), and for school, we have his special subject classes labelled, so he knows when to bring sneakers for gym, or turn in his library book, or what have you.
  • We also mark, any project due dates and tests.  School is hard these days, and we do everything we can to put Coby in a good position to do well.  By marking it on his calendar, both of us will remember when it’s study time, or time to do a little extra work.
  • He also LOVES seeing upcoming vacations/birthdays/events on his board, gives him something to look forward to.



I bought a stockpile of various colored markers, so Coby can draw and create to his heart’s content.

Photo Apr 23, 1 51 54 PM.jpg

We also use the board to brainstorm for projects, and study for upcoming tests.

Having the facts and notes at his eye level, somewhere he will see everyday, helps reinforce the material and make it easier to get those A’s!  (It helps me learn too!  If you don’t have a school age child yet, but will… get ready!  You will learn… or relearn a lot of things with your kids in school… I’ve done a lot of studying with my son… and he’s only in second grade!)



*Helpful Tip – Initially, I purchased a dry erase eraser, for this board, but it really didn’t seem to work well on this type of material.  Instead, I just wipe it clean with a Clorox Wipe, and then, wipe it dry with a paper towel.  I’ve found that to work great, and it doesn’t damage the board.