This one was easy! superhero wall art.jpg

I just bought 4 medium sized canvases from a craft store.  So why 4?  Was it a major design choice?  Of course not, they were on sale :O)

You’ll find that I spend as little as possible when it comes to my creations, money is hard to come by, and while I work A LOT, anywhere I can save, I definitely will. So, like I said, this one was easy.

My go to is always Google, so I went to Google Images and searched for superhero logos.  Then, I picked the 4 that I thought would be easiest to recreate.  (Little boys love superheroes, it really doesn’t matter which one you pick, if they know it’s a superhero, they will love it!)

I went with the ones shown above (Green Lantern, Captain America, Superman & Fantastic 4). I sketched out the images right on the canvas in pencil, then painted over the top.  Not an artist?  No biggie, most of these are just circles and lines, I just traced around cups, plates and bowls to create the circles and used a ruler for the straight lines.

Once my designs were there, I used solid paint colors to fill them in.  Really… that was it! **If you are a big crafter and have a light box, you can blow up enlarged copies of the images and tape them to the back of the canvas.  Then just put it over the lightbox, and you will be able to trace the designs.