I love canvas prints, and wanted to get something beautiful, with a pop of color to add to our Romantic Master Bedroom Update.

I was able to score these canvas prints for under $20!


Beautiful, right?  But, what I got, wasn’t exactly what was pictured above… same great pictures, but MUCH smaller.  And, instead of canvas (like I thought), they were actually wall stickers.

I could’ve returned them, but, I did really like the pictures, and I’m sort of a slacker when it comes to returning things.  So I made lemonade out of lemons.

Well they could be stuck directly to the wall, the end result looked cheap and didn’t give that pop I wanted.


Instead, I just wrapped each sticker around a square piece of styrofoam and secured the excess with painter’s tape.

Photo Mar 18, 5 09 12 PM

Then, I attached the art to the wall with a couple pieces of tape.  Yep, just tape.  They ended up being super light, so I figured why waste the command strips or poke holes in the wall, if I don’t need to.  Tape did the trick.

And that was it.  For under $20, I got 3 great art pieces.  And after our move, I transitioned them from the bedroom, to a great accent on our Gallery Wall.