I LOVE Mangos!

Mangos are my absolute favorite fruit. They are incredibly delicious! I haven’t met a type of mango yet, that I haven’t loved.

That being said, until my wonderful husband introduced me to them, I hadn’t ever had one… EVER.   My husband is Dominican, and there are lots of great Mangos that come out of the Dominican Republic.

The problem is, cutting and peeling them.  My hubs is a pro, and you’d think it’d be easy, but not so much my friend.

There is a giant pit in the middle, and navigating around that, while trying to cut and peel the mango, while juice is pouring everywhere, makes for a sloppy mess.  I tried a dozen different times using a knife like my husband does, but every time, either mutilated the poor Mango, or ended up asking my husband to cut it.  We kept buying Mangos, because I love them so much, but then they’d end up going bad because I couldn’t cut the silly things.

So, when I saw that there was a Mango cutter, I HAD to have it.

When I finally got one, I tested it out, and made an ugly mess, which was pretty disheartening… it’s harder than you’d think.  I decided to give it another shot, and it worked flawlessly.  I realized that your Mango needs a certain level of ripeness for the cutter to be effective.  And, now that I’ve mastered the art of cutting and peeling Mangos, I thought I’d share it with you.

Check out the step by step below.


First things first, you need a good, ripe mango.  If the mango is under-ripened, you’ll still be able to use the cutter, but it won’t taste nearly as good.  Let the mango sit for a day or so, until it ripens.  If the Mango is over ripe, don’t use the cutter, you will just end up mashing it, and pouring juice all over your countertop.



Get yourself a Mango cutter.

I picked mine up online, some of them can be fairly pricey, which is just sheer silliness.  I need a Mango slicer.  I eat tons of them, and couldn’t master the art of cutting them with a knife.  If you only have a Mango once in a while, I probably wouldn’t waste the money.  But, if you’re going to eat a lot of them, the cutter is definitely the way to go.

They look like this:



Put the Mango on the counter, with the larger side down (stem side down).

Put the Mango slicer centered on top of the Mango.  Rock it slightly to get the blade started.  Use a decent amount of force, pushing straight down, until the cutter touches the counter.

The Mango will then look like this:



Toss the center section.  This is where the large pit is, and you won’t be eating that.

Then pick up one of the halves, and using a large spoon, in one fluid motion, scoop out the flesh of the Mango.


Once done, you’ll be left with an empty skin that looks like this:



Eat up!  If you’re using the Mango for cooking or something, you can dice it or cut it however you’d like from here.

I just grab a fork and dig in 🙂


You can also check out my video to see the cutter in action.


Try it out, and let me know how it goes.  And, if you’ve never had a Mango, try one! They are oh so delicious!