You will never be able to conquer absolutely everything in your life, but with this 7 Day Plan you will love every step of the journey.

7 Days to Love Your Life:

  • Me Monday:  Love Yourself
    • We’ve all heard the saying, that if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.  While not entirely true, loving yourself does build confidence, which in turn fosters happiness, and happy confident people, exude happiness, which other people flock to.
    • “Me Monday” is all about me!

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  • Task Tuesday:  Love Your Work
    • This is a tough one for most people.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t love their job.  Yeah, it’s not all bad, there tend to be good people or good pieces here and there, but loving it… that’s a little optimistic…
    • “Task Tuesday” is devoted to help you get everything done, create a path to success, to accomplish even the most mundane of tasks, be efficient, be successful, and maybe even start to love your work.


  • Wedded Bliss Wednesday:  Love Your Relationship
    • When life gets busy and things get tough, relationships tend to suffer, especially ones that have been around for a while.  Whether your just dating, in a committed relationship, or in a longtime marriage, it’s important to keep your relationship a focal point of your life.  Having a happy relationship, and a counterpart you can lean on when you need to, goes a long way to keeping you happy.
    • “Wedded Bliss Wednesday” isn’t just to keep that spark hot, but to foster the relationship that keeps your heart happy and shows your children how great love can be.


  • Thirsty Thursday:  Love Learning
    • Never lose your thirst for learning.  There are so many things in life you don’t know, and many you never will.  There’s just too much to learn!  Learning new things keeps your brain sharp, and brings some much needed excitement.
    • “Thirsty Thursday” keeps you committed to improving your life, by improving your brain and keeping your thirst for knowledge.

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  • Freshen up Friday:  Love Your Home
    • It’s important to feel comfortable in your home.  Keeping a tidy and adorable home is easier said than done, especially with a career, and children and all of the other things life throws at you.  Having a home that you love and can maintain without too much of a hassle, goes a long way to your piece of mind.
    • “Freshen Up Friday” is dedicated to keeping your house the way you want it, so when you’re ready to kick back and relax… you can.


  • Sweet Saturday:  Love Your Family
    • Family is #1!  Having a strong support system helps even the worst days feel better, and the sheer enjoyment of spending time with people you love is unparalleled.
    • “Sweet Saturday” is a day of fun and family.


  • Spread the Love Sunday
    • It’s all too easy to take for granted the good things in life.  We grow so busy and distracted that we often forget to appreciate the little things.
    • “Spread the Love Sunday” is a day to appreciate and inspire, to say thank you and spread joy.  You are well on your way to loving your life, do what you can to help others love theirs too!


This will allow you to dedicate one day each week to invest a little extra energy in accomplishing a specific goal in an important area of your life.  (Of course, there is overlap from day to day). Life doesn’t stick to a schedule, and as much as we’d like to organize it to the minute, that’s not gonna happen.  But, what we can do, is  add some structure.  My plan will help ensure that everything that is important to you, gets adequate attention.  By organizing your plan of attack, you’ll feel a comfortable level of accomplishment in each of the areas of your life, that will bring you the most fulfillment.  You’ll be able to stay motivated, with little stress, get more out of your life, and most importantly, enjoy it!

Join me on a journey to loving life!