“Home is Where the Heart Is.” It’s important to be comfortable at home, after all, home is supposed to be your sanctuary.  Having a good grasp on the day to day chores and maintenance, goes a long way in liking your home.

I am an organization nut.  I am absolutely obsessed with organizers, and would own all of them if I could.  I am constantly organizing… and reorganizing the house.  Clutter is one of my pet peeves and having a place for everything gives me some added peace of mind and a sense of relief when I get home.

Why Friday?

Because it’s the start to the weekend.  The weekend is when all the good stuff happens, don’t waste it doing housework.  Fridays in our house, and most houses, is a “Stay Up Late Night.” This gives you a few extra hours (ahead of the weekend festivities) to tidy up your house and get everything in tip top shape.

If you’re going to have people over, don’t make yourself rush around trying to clean everything right before people arrive. And if you have unannounced guests, no worries, your house will be clean and ready for visitors.

Or, if you go away for the weekend, great, you’ll come home to a spotless house!  You know you’ll have laundry and other things to do when you get back, so don’t add the aggravated stress of a messy house.

Of course maintaining a house can’t be done in one day, but Freshen Up Friday is focused on putting the systems in place to make maintenance easier, and to adding the cute little decorative touches, that will make you love your home even more.