Like most moms, my kids and family come first.  It’s few and far between that I take a step back and focus on myself.  I rationalize, like most moms do… the money can be better spent elsewhere… I don’t really “need” anything… I’m healthy… I look OK… And yes, while all these things are true, it’s harmless to spend a little extra time on yourself to become an even better you.  You can do it without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality time with the kids.  And yes, you are fantastic already, but there’s always room for improvement.

So… “Me Monday!” is all about me!

Why Monday?
Everybody hates Mondays!  So what better way to start your week?

Nothing will ever come before my kid’s, but spending as little as an hour every Monday on myself, doesn’t hurt anything.  Self confidence is hugely important in leading a happy life. How you feel about yourself will impact the way others feel about you, and why shouldn’t everyone love you?  You’re an amazing human being!!

The better you look the better you feel… it’s the absolute truth! Use Monday to beautify yourself inside and out.  Give yourself some well deserved TLC and get the extra boost you need to have a great week!