Family is #1 and my kid’s are my everything.  My daily focus is always on my little ones, and a little extra attention can never hurt.  As a parent, you are responsible for raising human beings, fully functional, well adjusted, well behaved, successful and stunning human beings.  It’s a demanding and difficult job at times, but it’s the job you signed up for, and the job you were meant to have.

Happy children make for happy parents and keeping your children happy really isn’t so hard.

As much as children like “stuff” and there is an abundance of stuff you could get them… they remember and appreciate more, the time you spend together.  (Even if they don’t say it… because odds are, they won’t… at least not until they’re old enough to reflect on how awesome of a parent you really are).

Why Saturday?
Saturday is a whole day!  No work (if you’re lucky), and no school… spend it in the most rewarding way possible.  Lots of kid’s sports or outings get scheduled on Saturdays… you’re already kid focused, so keep it up and make Saturday all about them.

Don’t waste your Saturday on housework or chores, you worked hard all week too.  Spend it with your babies, enjoy them, make them happy, and revel in the beauty that is your family.