People often lose focus in their relationships, especially after having kids, and it’s all too easy to forget to prioritize the love that brought your little angels into the world.

It’s crucial that you foster a supportive home, both for each other, and more importantly, for your children.  Show your kids what it is like to have a supportive loving relationship, that can withstand the test of time, and the good and bad times that life throws at you.

This is one area that I tend to slack off on from time to time, so prioritizing it into my week was a must.  As the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” but, in order to be a happy wife, you need a happy spouse.  Keeping the relationship happy is definitely a two person job.  There is absolutely no way you can have a successful relationship if only one person is putting in the work.

So… “Wedded Bliss Wednesday!” is all about keeping that love alive!

Why Wednesday?
Well… it’s hump day for starters!  hehe… (I kid I kid)… It’s mid week… focusing on love in the middle of the week, makes the whole week easier.  It gives you a much needed mental break from work, the push you need to get through the rest of the week, and the fun you deserve on a typically mundane weekday.

If you have a strong relationship, with a true understanding of what the other person wants and needs out of life, you will be much more able to help them accomplish what they want.  This will give you a greater sense of self, and will help them stay motivated to do the same for you.  And keeping such a supportive and successful relationship will make you both better parents!