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Mother’s Day is Coming! — May 2, 2016

Mother’s Day is Coming!

Mother’s Day Is Almost Here!

Are you ready?

If not, no worries, we’ve got you covered.  Check out these sweet gift ideas that every mom would love, available to buy, or make yourselves.

Simply Sweet


This sweet artwork, is sold on Etsy via DallowayPlace and is available in multiple color options.

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Cut & Peel a Mango Like a Boss! — April 29, 2016

Cut & Peel a Mango Like a Boss!

I LOVE Mangos!

Mangos are my absolute favorite fruit. They are incredibly delicious! I haven’t met a type of mango yet, that I haven’t loved.

That being said, until my wonderful husband introduced me to them, I hadn’t ever had one… EVER.   My husband is Dominican, and there are lots of great Mangos that come out of the Dominican Republic.

The problem is, cutting and peeling them.  My hubs is a pro, and you’d think it’d be easy, but not so much my friend.

There is a giant pit in the middle, and navigating around that, while trying to cut and peel the mango, while juice is pouring everywhere, makes for a sloppy mess.  I tried a dozen different times using a knife like my husband does, but every time, either mutilated the poor Mango, or ended up asking my husband to cut it.  We kept buying Mangos, because I love them so much, but then they’d end up going bad because I couldn’t cut the silly things.

So, when I saw that there was a Mango cutter, I HAD to have it.

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Beautiful DIY Gallery Wall — April 27, 2016

Beautiful DIY Gallery Wall

Step 1:  Compile all of the Picture Frames You’d Like to Use

  • I have tons of frames.  I’ve always been big on photos, so I have frames all over the place.  Our apartment has high ceilings, so I wanted to get good use out of the wall space, and knew I wanted to make a gallery wall.
  • I went through all of the frames I had and picked out all of the ones that were black.  I’m obsessed with organizing, so I tend to prefer things be “matchy matchy” and symmetrical.  So I liked the look of having all of the frames one color.
  • I’ve see lots of great gallery wall ideas on Pinterest (some people are much more adventurous than I am.  Check out some of the other great work HERE).

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DIY Easy Wall Art —

DIY Easy Wall Art

I love canvas prints, and wanted to get something beautiful, with a pop of color to add to our Romantic Master Bedroom Update.

I was able to score these canvas prints for under $20!


Beautiful, right?  But, what I got, wasn’t exactly what was pictured above… same great pictures, but MUCH smaller.  And, instead of canvas (like I thought), they were actually wall stickers.

I could’ve returned them, but, I did really like the pictures, and I’m sort of a slacker when it comes to returning things.  So I made lemonade out of lemons.

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DIY – Batmobile Bed —

DIY – Batmobile Bed

Little boys LOVE Superheroes!

As most little boys do, my Coby loves superheroes, so of course, when we got our house, we committed to giving him a superhero room.

Right around that time, my mom scored a sweet racecar bed at a garage sale.

This is the one she got.


While it was great on its own, Coby wanted his superhero room, and this just wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I decided to turn this racecar into a Batmobile!

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