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Fun Cakes – Lego Man — April 26, 2016

Fun Cakes – Lego Man

I am by no means a professional cake maker, but every year, my baby boy gets a fancy cake for his birthday.


The Lego Movie had just come out, so of course Coby wanted a Lego Man cake.



Just for kicks, we also did…

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Super Hero Wall Art – DIY —
Fun Cakes – Thomas the Tank Engine —
DIY – Batmobile Bed —

DIY – Batmobile Bed

Little boys LOVE Superheroes!

As most little boys do, my Coby loves superheroes, so of course, when we got our house, we committed to giving him a superhero room.

Right around that time, my mom scored a sweet racecar bed at a garage sale.

This is the one she got.


While it was great on its own, Coby wanted his superhero room, and this just wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I decided to turn this racecar into a Batmobile!

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Fun Cakes – Mario World —
Fun Cakes – Plex! Yo Gabba Gabba —
Fun Cakes – Nerf! —
DIY – 3 Easy Steps to a Nerf Arsenal Wall —

DIY – 3 Easy Steps to a Nerf Arsenal Wall

Like most boys, Coby loves Nerf! And, so do his uncles (or should I say, the big kids).

So, we have quite the arsenal, partly due to the Nerf theme party we had for his 7th birthday, (check that out too).

I was storing all the Nerf stuff in a big basket, but that was just a pile of mess, and Coby was having trouble finding the right ammo, and because we kept the basket on a high shelf, he wasn’t really using them as much as he would if they were easily accessible.

So, I decided to make him an arsenal wall.

Step 1: Secure Nerf Guns to the Wall

All it took were Velcro Command Strips, and wall space.

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DIY Kid’s Dry Erase Learning Center —

DIY Kid’s Dry Erase Learning Center

It’s important to teach kid’s organization at a young age.  It will make your daily life easier, and their’s easier in the long run.

I wanted to make a dry erase area for Coby, that would serve both as a calendar, and an area for drawing and learning.  My sons share a small room so available wall space is few and far between.

I snagged a very reasonably priced vinyl dry erase peel and stick roll from Amazon.  We live in an apartment so peel and stick is always the way to go where possible.  The great thing about purchasing a roll versus a solid board, is that you can divide it up into as many smaller boards (or various shapes) as desired.  I actually cut the roll into three separate pieces (one to be used in the kitchen – more on that later), and the other two in the boys’ room.

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